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Help Documentation for Wordpress Plugin Floating Social Media Icon

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 What are the shortcode and php code that will display this social media icon?

You can use the shortcode [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS] in any post or page or even in your custom...

 Can i customize the shortcode to show icons with differant icon design and size?

Yes, You can use shortcode to display icon and set icon size,what ever you want which is...

 How can i hide a social media icon that i am not using ?

To hide an icon, Just dont give any value for that button link.. it will automatically gets hiden.

 Can I specify the height and width of the slides and slideshow?

Yes, you can change it by using the advanced settings option on the manage gallery page.

 Can i change the floating end position from right bottom to some other position?

Free version of floating social media icon doesnot support the option to change the floating end...

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