How can i use the plugin widgets?

We have widgets also with almost same features of the shortcodes, You can have many number of widgets where on each widget you can configure the Social Media Icons size ,Icon Design/Style

In premium version you can also define its function (share/link to profile).

To add a widget to your sidebar.. you theme must support sidebars. Go to Apperance >> Widgets,to add "Acx Social Icons" widget to your sidebar.

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How can i hide a social media icon that i am not using ?

To hide an icon, Just dont give any value for that button link.. it will automatically gets hiden.

Why the floating social media icon is not displaying on my page even though i configured all options?

Our Plugin Uses Hooks to integrate the suppported javascripts styles and html to the theme. So...

How can i integrate the <?php wp_footer(); ?> and <?php wp_head(); ?> to my theme if it is not present on my theme?

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Can i disable the automated integration and place where ever i want?

Yes, You can.. Just to go "Acx Social icons" Menu which is in left side on wp-admin and in that...

What are the shortcode and php code that will display this social media icon?

You can use the shortcode [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS] in any post or page or even in your custom...

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